Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Pumpkin Cakes

Happy Halloween!  These fun and festive little cakes are super cute and fairly easy to make.  I made mine using large chocolate cupcakes, but you could really use any flavor you like. 

1. Depending on how big you want your pumpkins, make a batch of large cupcakes, regular cupcakes, or mini bundt cakes.
2. Make a batch of your favorite white icing while the cupcakes cool.  Tint the icing orange.  Make sure to serve a small portion of the icing to tint green for the tops, or just buy some green icing in a tube from the grocery store.
3. Take one large cupcake and cut the top off so it is flat.  Cover the flat top with orange icing.  Take another large cupcake and cut the top off.  Place the cut side down on top the icing.  Trim around the edge with a knife to make the cake more round.  Finally, cover the cakes with orange icing and make a stem with green icing.

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