Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dobos Torte

This is my first month doing the Daring Bakers' Challenge, and it was definitely challenging. I learned some new skills and enjoyed making the torte, so I will undoubtedly be participating in future challenges. The August 2009 Daring Bakers' challenge was hosted by Angela of A Spoonful of Sugar and Lorraine of Not Quite Nigella. They chose the spectacular Dobos Torte based on a recipe from Rick Rodgers' cookbook Kaffeehaus: Exquisite Desserts from the Classic Caffes of Vienna, Budapest, and Prague. Enjoy!
Before I started mixing up the cake batter, I traced the bottom of a 9-inch springform pan to make circles on six pieces of parchment paper.
The egg yolks and powdered sugar are beaten until they are pale yellow and the batter forms a thick ribbon when the whisk is lifted above the batter.
The egg whites are beaten until soft peaks form, then the remaining powdered sugar is beaten in until stiff. This mixture is folded into the egg yolk mixture.
The flour and salt are folded in.
The cake batter is spread into the shape of a circle on the parchment paper.
Each layer is baked and the parchment paper is peeled off.
Each cake layer is trimmed into an 8-inch circle. I used the bottom of an 8-inch round cake pan as a template.
Chocolate is chopped for the buttercream.
The eggs and sugar are beaten until pale and thickened.
The egg mixture is then cooked over a double boiler until it begins to thicken.
The chocolate is added to the egg mixture.
While the chocolate mixture cools, the caramel is made.
The caramel is poured over a layer of cake and cut into triangles.
The butter is added to the cooled chocolate mixture to complete the chocolate buttercream.
Each layer of the torte is spread with buttercream.
The sides and top of the torte are then covered with the remaining buttercream.
The caramel triangles are placed on top of the torte.
View from the top.
My husband and I didn't care for the caramel triangles, so I took them off and decorated the cake with grated dark chocolate.


  1. Great first challenge! Your buttercream looks perfect. I think I'd eat it by the spoonful if allowed =)

  2. delicious!

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  3. Welcome to the Daring Bakers! You've done a great job on the challenge, and I love your action shots of the cake-making process!

  4. Lovely torte -- great job on your first challenge!

  5. the caramel was not delicious. but your cake looks great.

  6. Wow! You did a fantastic job on a very trying debut. I am so impressed!!! Kudos to you.

  7. Welcome to the daring bakers! Great job with you first challenge...I love the step-by-step photos.

  8. damn girl! that cake looks amazing. if you ever have too much to eat, I think you know my address :)

  9. Your cake looks awesome Hannah! That caramel part was quite tricky, your caramel covered cake parts look better than mine turned out. I'm so glad you joined Daring Bakers!

  10. Thanks for your kind words everyone! I can't wait for next month's challenge!

  11. Congrats on your first challenge!! It looks divine =D.

  12. Your cake looks fabulous - I love your presentation!
    Congratulations on your first challenge!

  13. You did a wonderful job on your first Challenge. I also like all of your photos!